Chair Massage

Is your schedule so tight that you cannot leave your office to get an hour’s massage at a therapist’s office? If so there is an alternative, I can bring the massage to you.

The type of massage offered in an office setting is a 15 to 30 minutes Chair Massage, where the client remains fully clothed. The massage is concentrated on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands. Although shorter than a regular massage, chair massage increases circulation and stimulates the muscles thereby releasing tension mostly in the back, neck and shoulders.

The massage will revitalize you and help you continue with your work without the strain associated with long hours spent in the same working position.

Chair massage is also an effective way to ease tension and boost productivity especially during those “crunch time” stressful periods. The positive effects of workplace chair massage create lasting results and contribute to the well-being and success of your entire company. They are a great way of rewarding your employees for the superb efforts and hours they endure.

Chair massage sessions are also welcomed at events such as golf tournaments, tradeshows, sports events, charity events, and marketing events for guests and attendees. Nothing draws a crowd and creates a “feel good” environment like chair massage.

Chair massage relieves fatigue and energizes workers much more than a normal break or a cup of coffee. . The stress reduction benefits physical health, reduces absenteeism and employee turnover, making your team more effective.

Benefits of chair massage include:

  • Decreased workplace stress
  • Improved morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased stress-related absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover

In the corporate environment, companies both large and small can benefit from chair massage sessions. They are a great morale booster that is both cost and time efficient and is not disruptive to the work environment.

Employees who receive regular chair massage in the workplace praise it’s ability to increase productivity, decrease stress, heighten alertness and provide a general sense of well-being. Employers comment that absenteeism is lower and productivity is higher on massage days. More and more companies are now incorporating massage as a benefit to employees. Some companies actually regard regular employee massages as a necessity.