I have completed a wealth of trainings and upgrades in the fields of yoga, yoga therapy, movement and fitness.  This also includes massage therapy, reflexology and more recently become a Holistic Core Restore Coach (Pelvic and Core Health), and a 3rd Age Women’s health coach.   I am also trained as a Functional Range Conditioning movement specialist.

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their best physical, mental and emotional selves and enjoy good, functional health for life. I have combined all my training in movement/yoga with my 3rd Age and peri–post menopause health training to offer services that keep women 45 years and over, strong, fit, and injury-free as they journey through all stages of their lives.

Currently I am offering yoga, meditation, fitness, pelvic floor health and women’s health classes online. I also offer daily yoga & movement ideas, tips, and educational content on my Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Studio Wanjira – West Island

Located in the beautiful city of Kirkland, Wanjira Studio, one of the best equippeed yoga studios in the West Island, is as unique as its founder Wanjira Njenga.  Trained originally as a Sivananda yoga teacher in Madurai, India, Wanjira’s teaching style is inspired from years of dedicated study and practice of different healing modalities, yoga and meditation, and lately Iyengar Yoga.  Wanjira fuses her knowledge and passion for anatomy into all her teaching with the goal of helping each student explore Yoga in their own unique way.  Forever hungry for knowledge and improvement, Wanjira continues to study yoga and other modalities with senior teachers in Canada and USA.

Wanjira also offers workshops in meditation, mindful eating, restorative yoga and natural body care.