1. What does it cost?
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  2. Are there any age restrictions?
    No. Anyone of any age can benefit from any of the altertnative health therapies.
  3. Do I need to book an appointment?
    Yes. Most clients pre-book their appointments on a regulatr basis. Appointments can be available at short notice but it is advisable to book well in advance.
  4. How long does a session last?
    One hour, except for Stone Massage which lasts for one and a half hours. Longer periods are available on request at the pro-rata hourly rate.
  5. Can I have a mixture of modalities?
    Yes. Prior notice is always appreciated but not alway necessary. Just let me know what you wish and I will do what I can to accommodate your wishes.
  6. Do you give insurance receipts?
  7. Do I have to undress?
    For Swedish and Stone Massage only. All other sessions are fully clothed.
    Massage clients will be afforded total privacy while disrobing and will be fully covered by sheets except for the specific area being massaged. This is not only necessary for modesty purposes but also for physical warmth and comfort.
  8. Do you use any tools or gadgets?
    No. Except for the stereo player for the soothing music. Everything else will be natural.
  9. What can expect on my first visit?
    A wonderful experience! It will start with a short health history questionaire and a discussion of your needs.This is why I always schedule approximately 90 minutes for the first session. You will only be charged for one hour.
  10. What happens if I am late for my appointment?
    It depends on the situation at the time. If I can accomodate you without compromising anyone else I will do so. If not I will give you the best I can in the time available. There has to be at least a 30 minute period between clients to change sheets and adjust the table. No matter what you will be charged for a full session.
  11. What happens if I wish to cancel my appointment?
    I require 24 hours notice of cancellations or postponements. No-shows will be expected to pay for the session as it would not be available to anyone else.