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Wanjira’s Skin Care Workshop

Having recently attended Wanjira’s Skin Care Workshop, I was very impressed with her vast knowledge, not only in skin care, but also aromatherapy. She was completely organized and well prepared for our training. She encouraged us to read the labels of commercial products where it is quite evident how detrimental some ingredients are, not only to us, but also to the environment.

I now make all of my own skin cleansers, creams, and lotions with all natural ingredients. The texture of my skin has greatly improved; it looks and feels so much better. I am even making custom creams for my husband, per his specifications, because he too is impressed with the results.  An added benefit is the financial advantage. It costs less to make a higher quality product than that which is commercially available.   My only regret is that I didn’t take this workshop much sooner.  Carol McColl


Initially, I was dragged to yoga by my good friend and I had no intention of going back.  As soon as I entered Wanjira’s class I knew that it was going to be very different from all my previous yoga experiences.  The difference was careful instruction regarding how to get in and out of poses safely, a small class setting where there is a great deal of individual attention, and a class where laughter and smiling is encouraged.  My goal in continuing with Wanjira’s classes was to improve upon my ability to manage stress and to relax my body.  What I learned from Wanjira taught me so much more; how to breathe, dealing with fears, not being too hard on yourself, and how to live and be in the present moment.  As her classes have evolved over the past 3 years, my flexibility and strength have greatly improved and this transformation has happened on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  If you are willing to embrace to your full benefit her teachings, Wanjira’s yoga classes will offer you the opportunity to learn how to become a calmer, stronger individual with better control and care of your body and mind.  April Rehel

All I’d like to say is a big thank you for today’s class. I felt it was custom made for me. Also, your adjustments and guidance are very much appreciated.  YOU ROCK!!!  Maria Levy

Wanjira is one of the best massage therapist I have ever met and I have been to a lot of them.  She listens carefully to when you explain the aches and pains which are troubling your body.  With that information she  not only helps your body feel better in the moment, but also suggests what you should do to help you reduce the pain in the long term.  Wanjira is knowledgeable and always learning which makes her someone that I recommend to all my achy friends. – Lorna Gotzman