Energy Balancing

We have long understood that our bodies run on electrical and chemical impulses (think about our nervous systems) and that we all have an energy body that is in a state of interdependence with the physical body. This energy body is directly affected by changes in mental, emotional and physical states, and can, in turn, bring about changes in the physical body. Energy balancing is a therapy that helps keep the energy body in good health.

The concept of working with a person’s energy to effect healing has been rooted in non-Western traditions for thousands of years. This life-force energy is referred to using different names in different cultures: aura, chi or ki, or prana, ruah, qi or baraka. The goal of energy balancing sessions can vary, from addressing a physical complaint to aiding a spiritual or emotional issue.

In an Energy balancing session, the practitioner uses his/her hands in a non-invasive way to clear, assess, and balance the client’s energy system. My work in energy balancing includes the use of chakras (energy centres) in the body, crystals, sound therapy, guided visualization and guided meditation. I sometimes also use Reiki to achieve the same results. The goal with every session is to restore harmony and balance in the client’s energy system. This puts the client in a position to self heal.
Every session is as individual as the client and is complimentary to traditional medicine. Energy balancing may be used in: pre-operative and post-operative procedures, post chemo therapy, pain control, neck and back problems, accelerated wound and fracture healing, disease prevention, headaches, anxiety and stress reduction, and general well being.